AXIOM Rest Interface

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1 Worklog

1.1 Week 1 (May 30 - June 6)

  • Started working on client App in Go language, understood the design requirements.
  • Pushed first version of client.go App to the Project GitHub repository
  • Re-structured the project directory and added the first draft of ReadMe file.

1.2 Week 2 (June 6 - June 13)

  • Updated ReadMe with current progress of the overall project.
  • Updated client.go file with incremental changes.

1.3 Week 3 (June 13 - June 20)

  • Containerised the Client App and added docker (support) file to the project repository.
  • Setup development environment with QtCreator and Visual Studio Code IDEs.
  • Updated client.go file (establishes connection with axiom daemon-server)
  • Updated the ReadMe file with illustrative figure about the project, steps to setup development environment with requirements and necessary configuration for the IDEs.

1.4 Week 4 (June 20 - June 27)

  • Malte added open source license to the project repository, along with docker file update.
  • Debugged client.go for establishing a connection with the daemon server.
  • Worked on the Client App, added AddSettingIS method and understood more about FlatBuffers usage with help from Andrej.
  • Updated the illustrative image, with current chosen implementation and format.
  • Developed an initial prototype of the Client App which communicates with the daemon server and sends some data.