• GSoC progress updates from niculescu_vlad|a
  • Bertl reported on USB3.0 plugin module progress
  • eMMC test plugin module design is complete
  • Felix Held visited Vienna in preparation of a grant to develop an SDI 3G/6G plugin module
  • Team Talk 13 shooting completed, at least 2 episodes will be edited from this
  • new website article ready for release
  • good progress with automated pick and place robot to assemble AXIOM Beta PCBs
  • beta developer kits now in ecosystem map: https://www.apertus.org/ecosystem-map?field_services_value%5B%5D=AXIOM+Beta+Developer+Kit

Full logs: http://irc.apertus.org/index.php?day=17&month=07&year=2017#81

AXIOM Beta is a professional digital cinema camera built around FOSS and open hardware licenses.

AXIOM Remote is designed to be a comprehensive remote control unit for the AXIOM Beta range of cameras

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