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1 Getting Started

  1. Connect USB UART on the Microzed (Red PCB) to a PC - not the Micro-USB on the Powerboard (that's the JTAG Interface)
  2. Connect Ethernet
  3. Apply Power

Default account:

user: root
password: beta

The Beta requests an IP via DHCP by default.

Over the Serial Console (USB UART) you can set the IP manually if DHCP is not an option:

ifconfig eth0 up # use any IP you want

1.1 Operating System

At this moment we were able to reuse an Arch Linux image for the Zedboard on the Microzed. To do so, some software such as the FSBL and uboot were added. More information can be found here: I will commit myself on the production of a screencast of the entire bootstrap proces from the Xilinx software to booting the MicroZed.

I would suggest running Arch Linux on the AXIOM Beta for development purposes. If we need to shrink it down that will be quite trivial. Obviously we can take the embedded approach from there, as long as we don't fall in the trap of libc implementations with broken threading.

1.2 Userspace

Arch Linux comes with systemd, which has one advantage that the boot process is incredible fast. Standard tools such as sshd and dhcpcd have been preinstalled. We may need other tools such as ftp, webserver, etc.

  • ftp; I would suggest vsftpd here
  • webserver; I am able to modify cherokee with custom C code to directly talk to specific camera sections. Cherokee already powers the WiFi module of the GoPro.

One idea to store camera relevant parameters inside the camera and provide access from most programming languages is to use a database like