1 Status

November 2018

  • Printed circuit boards for a first version prototype have been designed and populated.
  • Haptic button options are being tested.
  • PCB has been debugged.
  • Enclosure prototypes have been 3D printed (first step towards ordering aluminium milled parts).
  • UI design is ongoing but further software refinements are still required: https://lab.apertus.org/T1116 (please see this page's footer if you'd like too assist).

AXIOM Team Talk 14.3 (Oct 2018) covered AXIOM Remote development progress.

2 Overviews

AXIOM Remote Overview AXIOM Project Background
AXIOM Remote Prices - TBD Prices

3 Technical

User Manual (ARM) - TODO Hardware
Enclosure AXIOM Remote/Software Installations - TODO
Graphical User Interface (GUI) Parts

4 Resources

Original Concepts

2018 July Axiom Remote V3 wm.jpg

AXIOM Remote Concept Rendering 2018 - Note: Design is subject to change as improvements are made.