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Current State: In development - development release - feedback and contributions appreciated


1 RemotePlus Overview

This application, and when released the associated hardware, is designed to be a comprehensive remote control unit for the AXIOM range of cameras - currently this is targeted at the Beta model.

The remote control software is made up of two separate components – the RemotePlus application which is designed to run on a purpose-designed, Linux (Raspberry Pi based) embedded AXIOM Remote hardware controller, but is also runnable on a Linux desktop/laptop for the purposes of development.

To control the AXIOM camera a RemoteServer application is also required. Connectivity is over the USB UART interface between the AXIOM camera and the host – be it the hardware remote or a Linux desktop/laptop.

As with all software & hardware that is pre-production the information contained on this page is subject to changes.

2 Prerequasites

The current desktop/laptop development environment is a 64bit Linux desktop (Ubuntu used for development) and utilities the following frameworks:

wxWidgets (>=v.3.1) wiringPi (>=v2.32)

Some Linux dists may not have the 3.1 version of wxWidgets, if this is the case then you must download this from the wxWidgets site here

For building on the hardware device the same framework requirements must be met – at this time there are no instructions for building a cross-compiler tool-chain, but this will be looked into in the near future.

All of the dependencies need to be met for the above and details can be found on their respective websites. Additionally the git toolchain is recommended.

While wiringPi is a requirement for building the application for use with the hardware interface, it’s not a requirement for desktop/laptop use as it will not be possible to use the GPIO subsystem on a regular machine. The use of wiringPi is set as a #define flag, detailed in the Developer Notes section of the RemotePlus user manaual.

3 AXIOM Beta preparations

fiddling with devicetree is not required anymore

in /boot/uEnv.txt replace




Then on the Beta disable the service:

systemctl disable serial-getty@ttyPS0.service

and reboot the camera (be sure you did all the things to ensure access to the camera (fallbackIP, etc.) as described in the PDF before.

4 RemoteServer

Source Code:

4.1 Installation Notes

  • acquire source code from github to AXIOM Beta
  • compile in camera:
gcc RemoteServer.c -o RemoteServer -lpthread

5 RemotePlus GUI

Source Code:

5.1 Installation Notes

Ubuntu (tested with 16.04 LTS)

Required packages for compiling from source:

sudo apt-get install build-essential git

5.1.1 Install wxWidgets

get wxWidgets Development Release: 3.1.0 from: unpack and in the directory run:

sudo make install

this will take quite some time.

5.1.2 Install wiringPi

git clone git://
cd wiringPi/

5.1.3 Compile RemotePlus

Acquire source files:

git clone

Compile and Install:

sudo make install