Axiom beta power board v0.9 test

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1 Files

2 Silkscreen Labeling Notes

Layers: tSilk (silkscreen)

tName (most part labels)

tPlace (placement marks)

U5 label misplaced

R87 and R88 partly covered by pad

USB and X1 (should not be in tPlace layer) outside board area

U3 label missing

U$1 name missing?

L1, L2, L3 partly covered by component/pad, move to left of component?

U4, SE13 label misplaced

U99 label misplaced

JX1, JX2 below header components

L18, R77, C84, R98, R93, R94 label under component

R23, R24, R97, R25, R26 label position could be better

Q1, U2 label missing

strange bracket labels near R53, R54