Beta CMV12K ZIF Sensor Board

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Note: For the non-development THT version of this sensor board see Beta CMV12K THT Sensor Board

00-SBZ-001- AXIOM Beta CMV12000 ZIF Sensor Board V018R15 w Sensor Show 1150web.jpg

Full size image.

AXIOM Beta Developer Kit is equipped with a CMV12000 ZIF (zero insertion force) socket sensor board. This is useful for developers as it allows for frequent, easy sensor removal at the turn of a lever (zero force). The CMV12000 sensor itself is a high sensitivity pipelined (read-out possible during exposure) global shutter CMOS image sensor enabling true correlated double sampling, driving and read-out programming over a serial peripheral interface and external exposure triggering via an internal timing generator.

ABCS-SBZ-01a- AXIOM Beta CMV12000 ZIF Sensor Board V0.18R1.5 Top Populated 1150web.jpg

Full size image.

Connectivity - Uses Socket 604 BGA see

Power - The CMV12000 has a 4W continuous peak power consumption. There might be short higher peaks when training LVDS channels to initialize the sensor communication. For still images you can operate the sensor with largely reduced IO (number of LVDS lanes) which in turn should also reduce power consumption.

History - apertus° offered three different sensor options during the camera's crowd funding campaign; Super35, Super16 and 4/3rds, and as almost 90% of the backers opted for the Super35 sensor its respective module was developed first. The camera uses the ams Sensors CMV12000 .

Note: The AXIOM Beta Compact hosts the Beta CMV12K THT Sensor Board. THT (Through hole tech) is suited to applications where the sensor-front-end won't be removed regularly.


Latest: AXIOM Beta Sensor CMV12000 v0.18 ZIF R1.5

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