KurtAugust (http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=11787.msg131241#msg131241):

a lot of camera bodies only have one threaded hole in the bottom. One you attach a follow focus, it quite often becomes very difficult to get this to be rock solid. Having more holes for a 15mm bars attachment would solve this
Outputs directly on main electronic board. It really doesn't take much of an impact to have a dead headphone output. For example. Too often, protruding elements are only thought of when designing the body itself, while the cable that goes in it should be considered part of the system
Wouldn't be possible to have the Beta built as a cage directly? With a lot of mounting points built in? For monitor arm, 15mm bars, heavy duty base plates etc.
anton (http://octoray.co.uk/axiom/):
big and sturdy body goess well with a sealed design when the case is a 120mm*120mm*40mm piece of milled aluminium which can be cooled by external fins/fan if needed
it currently looks like you will be able to do that by separating the sensor module from the beta board :)