IRC Team Meeting 2017-01-02

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Full log:


- Herbert (Bertl) reports on christmas hacking time with Tim "Mithro" Ansell, they chatted about improving cooperation between timvideos ( and apertus/AXIOM, much overlap because of shared challenges - HDMI, DP, video in general. Tim helped to get our opsis board working! On the PCB front still working on some new shields (ESP32, HDMI) and updating the SFE & PMDO debug module. Nothing new on hardware testing and rework (rearranged workplace over the holidays to make more room for AXIOM stuff!) or software (currently lacks a working Beta).

- Sebastian (se6astian) has lots of news:

  • He shifted most of his time/attention to pick and place machines recently, switched to OpenPnP ( from liteplacer's own software and it's very promising already! Now looking into increasing accuracy.
  • We produced a couple of PCBs in the meantime manually but hopefully more automatically in the near future.
  • Visionplacer 3000D ( has no shipping date yet so we will have to wait and see.
  • We will continue our efforts to run the larger PnP machine at amescon with OpenPnP as well, a guy responsible for the linux machine kit ( is looking into writing an OpenPnP motor driver for it.
  • The AXIOM Remote Plus had a first dev release:
  • Invitiation to expand the "AXIOM Community Points of Contact" list:
  • Collaborating with alexis_chooks on the simple enclosure, HDMI holder part is pretty much complete, main body is still undergoing review; Waiting for completion before 3D printing more parts; If anybody wants to help on this front they are welcome!
  • Our own hackmd installation (will be is pending (kind of a "replacement for google docs").
  • Not much new on website redesign, meeting tomorrow (Tue 3rd) 19h CET on IRC.
  • liteplacer additions and documentation:

- Andrej (BAndiT1983) on OpenCine: Currently approaching the checksum validation milestone, also awaiting notification from Nikos who was working on preview of MOV files with the help of QtAV/FFMPEG; Also a cleanup and progressing with documentation are on the task list (can be found in the lab, but wiki will also be updated soon).

- David (davidak) was at 33c3, mostly volunteering for the streams, but also distributed some AXIOM Beta flyers. Suggests having an assembly at 34c3 to demo and answer questions, offers to help on planning but doesn't want to be there all the time when it happens.

- Simon (simonrepp) reports Elmyra Team Talk went out, Marcin from opensourceecology contacted him on it but he hasn't gotten around writing back yet, asides from that some progress getting Beta PCB designs as 3D models into FreeCAD (standard parts working); Will start a task in the lab for hunting down 3D models for missing parts and document further work and open tasks there.

- Tobias (toxitobi) on enclosure design: First current main point is placement of buttons and wheels to control the camera, the idea is to make those sit beneath a metal plate that is easy to exchange if you want additional functions, this plate should also fit into a grip so that you are able to get controls off the camera to a handle when you're mounting the camera on rods; Will start after holidays collecting the buttons and controlwheels CAD-data and then see how it fits into the concept and to make it work. The other point is cost controlling of the enclosure and to find out how much manufacturing costs, will try and also do it manually via excel and see how much time and material is necessary.

You can contribute meeting feedback and suggestions at!