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'''teledyne e2v'''
focus seems to be on high speed, low resolution sensors currently
Lince5M sensor is product with highest resolution they have: 2560 x 2048 pixels, 250 FPS with <10 stops dynamic range in 1" sensor diameter
has some interesting products (large diameter, high framerate).
Datasheets are not handed out without signed NDA.
==Smaller Diameter Sensors==
==Smaller Diameter Sensors==

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This is a collection of interesting image sensors that would be suitable for digital cinema applications and the AXIOM. CMOS technology is preferred over CCDs as CCDs require far more complex ADC and interpretation/support logic. Also CCDs typically do not have the performance (FPS) at the resolutions required for digital cinema today.

This list is a work in progress. If you find a sensor that interests you feel free to either update this page or make contact with us accordingly.

Note: A central requirement for apertus° considering an image sensor is that the full datasheet for the sensor can be shared with the community without signing an NDA with the sensor's manufacturer.

Sensor Resolution Max. frame-rate (frames/sec) Dynamic Range Diameter Pixel size (µm) Technology Manufacturer Price Note Remark
CMV12000 12M (4096 x 3072) 300 10 stops(native), 15 stops with PLR APS-C / Super35 5.5 CMOS CMOSIS 1800€ (Octopart) 8,10 or 12bit output, Global Shutter
KAC-12040 12M (4000 x 3000) 60 12 stops (Rolling Shutter), 9 stops (Global Shutter) 4/3" 4.7 CMOS On Semiconductor (former Truesense, former Kodak)  ? Intelligent Transportation Systems, Machine Vision, Surveillance Global shutter and rolling shutter modes
KAC-06040 2832 × 2128 160 12 stops (Rolling Shutter), 9 stops (Global Shutter) 1" 4.7 CMOS On Semiconductor (former Truesense, former Kodak) 672€ (Octopart) Global shutter and rolling shutter modes
VITA25K 25M(5120 x 5120) 53 9 stops (Global Shutter), 10 stops(Rolling Shutter) 4/3" 4.5 CMOS On Semiconductor ~4000$ Global shutter and rolling shutter mode
S5K1N1F 14.6M (4688x3124) 5 APS-C 5 CMOS Samsung Rolling Shutter
CIS2521 5.5M (2560x2160) 100 14 stops (Rolling Shutter) 4/3" 6.5 CMOS Fairchild BAE Rolling and Global Shutter
LUX8M 3904 x 2192 250  ? 4/3" 5 CMOS Luxima Global Shutter
AL41410C 4512 x 3008 50 11 F-stops APS-C 5.2 CMOS Altasens Rolling Shutter
GMAX0504 5144 x 3800 25 38mm x 28.1mm 7.4 CMOS GPixel Rolling and Global Shutter
GSENSE5130 5120 x 2968 282 APS-C 4.25 CMOS GPixel Rolling and Global Shutter
e2v Emerald 4096 x 3072 43@12bit 10.5 f-stops 11.47 x 8.6 mm 2.8 CMOS Teledyne  ? Full Datasheet Wide Dynamic Range modes: Column HDR and Bi-Exposure. Global Shutter
CMV50000 48M (7920 x 6004) 30@12-bit  ? 36.43 x 27.62 mm 4.6 CMOS CMOSIS ~6400 USD! (circa 2017/01) 22LVDS channels @830Mbps, within defined interface 12bit output, Global Shutter

1 Further Companies / Products


teledyne e2v


has some interesting products (large diameter, high framerate).

Datasheets are not handed out without signed NDA.

2 Smaller Diameter Sensors

2.1 Omnivision OV10823



4320 x 2432 pixel - 30 FPS

Rolling shutter

12 fstops dynamic range (@ 8x gain)

2.2 On Semi MT9F002

ex Aptina sensor with 4608 x 3288 pixels at 1/2.3" diameter - rolling shutter

11 stops dynamic range - 13.7 FPS at full resolution


2.3 On Semi AR0833

3264 x 2448 pixels with 46 FPS and 1.4µm pixel size in 1/3.2" diameter and 10.7 fstops dynamic range

Datasheet: http://www.onsemi.com/pub_link/Collateral/AR0835HS-D.PDF

15€/pcs @1000pcs: https://octopart.com/search?q=AR0833&start=0

2.4 Himax HMD131

4208 x 3152 px in 1/3.06″ package providing 30FPS at full resolution - no mention of Dynamic Range


2.5 Alexima

High speed sensors, website information is very sparse: