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[[Various mechanical links]]
[[Various mechanical links]]

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Quick Links
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Alpha Beta Gamma
Alpha03 1.jpg
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AXIOM Alpha Hardware

AXIOM Alpha Software

Anything running on or around the AXIOM Alpha prototype.

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AXIOM Beta Hardware

AXIOM Beta Software

Anything running on or around the AXIOM Beta.

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AXIOM Gamma CMV12000 Module

AXIOM Gamma Concepts

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1 Software


Open Standard RAW format, can be converted from RAW16 and vice versa


The still image RAW file format used by the Axiom Alpha prototype



Open Cine



Appertus Remote

Open Cine


2 Notes

Software Link Library

Interesting Open Source Cinema, development or online publishing related software project link archive

Service Provider List

Where to order 3D printed parts, PCB related services or parts/components, this list is the growing library of global relevant companies/service providers.

Ergonomics Workgroup

Notes, Sketches, Drawings, Illustrations and Concepts created in the AXIOM Ergonomics work group meetings.

Open Project Communication Group

Knowledge Transfer and Public Access Workgroup

SMD Stencil Creation

Step by Step Guide

Image latency

Color Profiling

Camera Color Temperature Calibration Procedure

Eagle Notes

3 Hardware

Rods Support

AXIOM Remote

Lens Mounts



Various mechanical links

DIY Flourescent Area Light

4 Planning / Discussion: Software / Hardware / Interface Design

4.1 Software

Noise Reduction

4.1.1 Storage

Format Storage

File Metadata Layout

4.1.2 Data and Color

LUT / Transfer Curve / Look / CDL

Frame Lines

5 General Information

Bayer Debayering, demosaicing, documentations and links about the process. Add your own knowledge

General Film Making: List of Articles