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1 Alpha

2 Beta

3 Gamma

Alpha03 1.jpg
Axiom-beta-concept-enlosure-01 - Front.png

AXIOM Alpha prototype.

AXIOM Alpha Hardware

AXIOM Alpha Software


AXIOM Project Background

AXIOM Beta cost and availability

Research Pending

AXIOM Gamma prototype workings.

AXIOM Gamma Concepts

EU Project Wrap-Up

4 Software

4.1 Projects

OpenCine - Free RAW Processing suite in development.

RemotePlus - Remote control unit for AXIOM in development.

Wifi Remote - Web-based GUI for AXIOM.


5 Digital Image Research

Sensor Calibration

Data and Colour

6 Notes

6.1 Uncategorised


7 Legacy

7.1 Historic but Project Related

Software Legacy

8 Hardware

8.1 Resources

AXIOM Remote

Image Sensor Table

Lens Mounts


9 Planning

File Metadata Layout

Ergonomics Workgroup - AXIOM Ergonomics work-group meetings.

10 General Information

Evaluation - Our notes and experience evaluating hardware options related to manufacture and research.

Teardowns - Reverse engineering.

Assembly Notes - On assembly equipment.

List of Projects

Zynq Development Boards

11 Community

11.1 Development

How to Contribute

IRC Meeting Notes - Team meeting minutes.

11.2 Social Platforms


12 Resources

12.1 Links to helpful information


13 Portfolio

13.1 Video

Video Archive

13.2 Materials

Promotional Materials

AXIOM Beta/Case Studies

Misc Documentation