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| style="width: 100%"| [[AXIOM Beta]] - Camera (in development, Developer Kit available)
| style="width: 100%"| [[AXIOM Beta]] - Hgh-end camera (Developer Kit [[AXIOM_Beta/Prices available]])

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For over ten years our worldwide community has been developing a variety of powerful and affordable tools designed to give users absolute and unparalleled control over their creative processes. All projects are made free (in terms of liberty) around open source software and open hardware licenses with any and all related knowledge being made publicly available.

To find out more about how this Association functions please see its Mission Statement.

If you can't find what you're looking for, if you'd like to help the project or if we can help you with custom requirements please contact us.

1 Projects

AXIOM Beta - Hgh-end camera (Developer Kit AXIOM_Beta/Prices available)
AXIOM Remote - Control device for AXIOM Beta (in development)
AXIOM Micro - Low-end camera development platform (in development)
OpenCine - Free RAW video processing suite (in development)
Elmyra - Experimental Blender-based rapid iterative visualization system.

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2 Misc

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