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Alpha Beta Gamma
Alpha03 1.jpg
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AXIOM Alpha prototype.

AXIOM Alpha Hardware

AXIOM Alpha Software

AXIOM Beta camera documentation.

AXIOM Project Background

AXIOM Beta overview page

Hardware subpage

Software subpage

AXIOM Gamma prototype workings.

AXIOM Gamma Concepts

EU Project Wrap-Up

1 Software

1.1 Projects
1.2 Sensor calibration
1.3 Data and Color
1.4 Notes

Software Link Library

Interesting Open Source Cinema, development or online publishing related software project link archive

Service Provider List

Where to order 3D printed parts, PCB related services or parts/components, this list is the growing library of global relevant companies/service providers.

Ergonomics Workgroup

Notes, Sketches, Drawings, Illustrations and Concepts created in the AXIOM Ergonomics work group meetings.

Open Project Communication Group

Knowledge Transfer and Public Access Workgroup

SMD Stencil Creation

Step by Step Guide

Image latency

Camera Color Temperature Calibration Procedure

Eagle Notes

Opencart Notes


2 Hardware

3 Planning / Discussion: Software / Hardware / Interface Design

3.1 Storage

4 General Information

General Film Making: List of Articles

5 Community

5.1 Development
5.2 Team Meetings
5.3 Social Platforms
5.4 Regional Usergroups
5.5 Grant and Event Applications

6 Portfolio

6.1 Video Archive

Project Related