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1 Software

1.1 Projects
  • OpenCine - Free RAW Processing suite in development.
  • RemotePlus - Remote control unit for AXIOM in development.
  • Wifi Remote - Web-based GUI for AXIOM.
  • ElphelVision - Elphel camera user guides.
  • Chronomotion - (Legacy) Software to control Merlin/Orion/Skywatcher remote heads for motion controlled time lapse.
  • Websites
1.2 Sensor calibration
1.3 Data and Color
1.4 Notes

Software Link Library - Open source cinema, development and online publishing software project link archive.

Service Provider List - 3D printed parts, PCB related services or parts/components etc. and where to find them.

Ergonomics Workgroup - Notes, Sketches, Drawings, Illustrations and Concepts created in the AXIOM Ergonomics work group meetings.

SMD Stencil Creation - Step by Step Guide.

Image latency

Camera Color Temperature Calibration Procedure

Eagle Notes

Opencart Notes


2 Hardware

2.1 Resources

3 Planning / Discussion: Software / Hardware / Interface Design

3.1 Storage

4 General Information

General Film Making: List of Articles

5 Community

5.1 Development
5.2 Team Meetings
5.3 Social Platforms
5.4 Regional Usergroups
5.5 Grant and Event Applications

6 Portfolio

6.1 Video Archive
6.2 Promotional Materials

AXIOM Beta - All main pages listed.

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