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1 Overview

Note: OpenCine is a free RAW processing suite in active development. For an overview of its features/planned features, please see - OpenCine

2 Prerequisites

Installation will be described in the OS related sections.

  • Ubuntu / LinuxMint
  • Qt 5.7 or 5.8
  • Git
  • CMake
  • GCC / G++
  • OpenGL headers (e.g. FreeGLUT3 dev package)
  • FFMPEG dev libraries

3 Clone repository

  • Create folder to contain source and builds, should reside in home
mkdir ~/Source
  • Clone repository, you can select between master and dev branches
    • master is updated less often, but has usually stable code in it
    • dev is updated often, but could contain broken code, in this case WIP text is added to commit description
git clone --branch <branch name> --single-branch $HOME/Source/OpenCine

4 Install required packages

Run the command to install the required packages automatically. In case this does not work, resort to following command line instructions to get the required packages.

Command line: sudo apt-get install git cmake build-essential freeglut3-dev libavformat-dev libswscale-dev libavfilter-dev libavdevice-dev libavresample-dev
Command line: sudo pacman -S git cmake base-devel freeglut ffmpeg

Qt 5.8 (same aplpies to 5.7)
  • It's assumed that user will download the file to /home/<user>/Downloads
  • Download Qt installer from [[1]]
Alternative terminal command: wget
  • Set type to executable: chmod +x
  • Run installer: ./
  • Click Next until path selection is shown, then select following path: /home/<user>/Qt
    Qt install path
  • Click Next, select x64 libraries and QtCreator, deactivate other options, as they are not required
    Required options
  • Start installation
  • Afterwards you can proceed to the build from command line or in QtCreator

5 Build from command line

  • Change to Source folder
  • Create a folder for the build, change to it
mkdir OpenCine_build
cd OpenCine_build
  • Start CMake configuration, Qt path has to be supplied
cmake -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=$HOME/Qt/5.8/gcc_64/lib/cmake/ ../OpenCine
  • Start the build, here we use 4 threads to accelerate it
make -j4
  • The build could appear to freeze at some point, but it just downloads external projects, CMake 3.5 does not display download progress, this feature should be available in 3.8
  • If the build succeeded, then executable files can be found in OpenCine_build/bin

6 Build in QtCreator

  • QtCreator should start up, if you have deactivated the check box in the setup, then launch manually
  • Go to FileOpen File or Project...
  • Load CMakeLists.txt from the main folder
  • First time QtCreator will ask for configuration
    • It's sufficient for basic usage to select just Debug and Release
    • Adjust the path for build, you can use the same approach as command line instructions and select OpenCine_build in Source folder, e.g. /home/<user name>/Source/Opencine_build
  • CMake configuration is ran automatically
  • Select required configuration in the bottom-left area
  • Click on the Hammer button and let it build
  • If the build succeeded, then just start the application by using F5 (Debug) or Ctrl + R (Run)