The following pages document various areas of ongoing research. Listed items are generally posted here until such time that they're ready to be incorporated into ABM or elsewhere on the Wiki.

AXIOM Beta/Enclosures

Beta CSO - The Center Solder On (CSO) is a small addon PCB that can be added to one of the slots of the Beta Main Board.

Power - Reading on powering the camera and links to battery research.

OLPF - Optical Low Pass Filter.

AXIOM Beta/Firmware - Micro SD card Firmware works.

Factory Calibration - Some expansion required.

Control Deamon - Providing language specific libraries to the "user-space" application.

HDMI EDID Archive - EDID data exchange is a standardized means for a display to communicate its capabilities to a source device. >>> TODO - Merge this with Tim's

AXIOM Beta/Plugin slots - electrical and mechanical specifications to be pulled into ABM.

4K HDMI Plugin Module - Concept phase.

File Metadata Layout


See Mission Briefings also.

AXIOM Beta is a professional digital cinema camera built around FOSS and open hardware licenses.

AXIOM Remote is designed to be a comprehensive remote control unit for the AXIOM Beta range of cameras

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