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This list is researched and maintained by apertus. Please do not add your own businesses here - they will be removed.

1 3D Printing - 3D printing service, also does stainless steel, alumide and titanium printing. Located in Leuven, Belgium - plastic and steel 3d printing, aluminum plate cutting service provider in the USA - plastic (from 1.40$/cm³), aluminum (from 1.75$/cm³) and steel (from 8$/cm³) 3d printing service provider in the USA - SLS 3D printing: plastic, alumide, etc. in Germany - SLS with nylon PA12 - very good prices - in Italy - SLS with nylon PA12 - even better prices

From SatNOGS:

3d Printing at a Fab Lab or your local hackerspace: If you don't have your own 3d printer, then a local Fab Lab or hackerspace may be able to do it for you. Fab Labs and hackerspaces are places that have invested in the machinery and you can take the designs to them. Generally they need .stl files to import into the software that runs the machines, but this should be discussed with the Fab Lab or hackerspace. You then pay for the material, time or a combination of the two for each of the parts or any other agreement in place.

T Slot - If you don't want to cut the pieces yourself, then you may be able to find a supplier that will do this for you. (Here's one in the United Kingdom.)

2 PCB related

Also take a look at this far more comprehensive list:

By far the cheapest way to get PCBs for prototypes in low volume, takes some time though (2 and 4 layers only), no assembly service

By far the cheapest way to get PCB stencils in low volume

Similar to OSHPark but Made in Germany, also offers components and stencils (no assembly though), limited to two-layer boards currently (4 layer in Beta)

Affordable PCB manufacturing (2-14 layers) in Germany

Also creates SMD stencils for just a bit more than 100€

Affordable PCB manufacturing (2-28 layers) in Germany

steel SMD stencils for much less than 100€ (smaller sizes even for 35€)

USA based PCB manufacturer, said to be very fast and reliable, not the cheapest

PCB assembly/testing in Austria

PCB manufacturing in Germany (website offline - company alive?)

PCB Assembler in Slovenia

PCB Assembly Services in US

PCB Assembly Services in Canada

Prototype PCB manufacturing in Slovenia

PCB Assembly in Czech Republic

high volume PCB manufacturer in Slovenia

PCB manufacturer in Slovenia (only 2 layer PCBs and stencils)

PCB Manufacturing and Assembly in USA

PCB Assembly Services in Germany

PCB Assembly Services in Germany

PCB Pool - PCB manufacturing and assembly for small quantities with good prices located in Germany

PCB manufacturer for high density or special PCBs in Germany

PCB Assembly in Vienna

PCB manufacturing in Vienna

Online PCB prototype and assembly manufacturer in China

3 EMI Testing

4 Misc (standard 3 business day lead time)

CNC milled AXIOM Alpha lens mount there

Affordable Grip handles, knobs, wheels

Boutet in France

Sandblasting and Powder Coating services in Austria

5 Battery Related

Good quality V-mount plates that cost 100€ +

Cheaper V-mount plate from China - all plastic, not so rugged - but quite OK for the price