4K HDMI Plugin Module

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The development of this plugin module has been put on hold as we developed a method to record uncompressed 4k raw with the 1080p60 HDMI plugin module.

Original Development Notes

plugin module length will likely be 35mm/1400mil - longer than current modules.

Xilinx Artix XC7A15T-2FGG484(1mm pitch, 23x23mm size, from $44.59 on octopart) from digikey or Avnet or XC7A15T-2CSG325(0.8mm pitch, 15x15mm size, from $38.76 on octopart) from Avnet both with 4x 6.6GTX

XC7A15T-1FGG484 (from $38.43 on octopart) or XC7A15T-1CSG325 (from $33.75 on octopart) would be the equivilants with 4x 3.3GTX