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Regional usergroups are administrated by 'APOCs' or 'AXIOM Community Points of Contact'

If you're a newcomer to the AXIOM ecosystem, have an interest in communicating with users who are situated near you in the world, or have recently pre-ordered a camera, then you may wish to make contact with your local APOC to find out what's happening in your community online and offline.

Different regional communities function in different ways and their usergroups are at varying levels of development. If no usergroup exists in your region and you'd like to administer one then please contact apertus° Team.

Region APOCs Ecosystem Page email address
Austria Sebastian Pichelhofer https://apertus.org/user/7 sp[at]apertus.org
Belgium Maxime Fuhrer https://www.apertus.org/user/919 maxime.fuhrer[at]gmail.com
España Sergio González González https://www.apertus.org/user/614 sergio[at]sergio-gonzalez.com
France Guillaume Nicollet https://apertus.org/user/1263 guillaume[at]chooksprod.com
Great Britain RexOr https://apertus.org/user/1254 rex[at]apertus.org
UAE (United Arab Emirates) RexOr https://apertus.org/user/1254 rex[at]apertus.org

More Details: Regional AXIOM Communities