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1 Mac OS X setup

1.1 Overview

You will want to have Homebrew installed on your system to use minicom for serial communication as it is more convenient than using screen.

Homebrew is a package manager for Mac, a piece of software that helps you install other software on your Mac machine, particularly software which is readily available on Linux but which does not come in the form of Mac "applications", which you can download via your web browser and simply drop into your Applications folder.

1.2 Steps

Open (or your preferred terminal emulator if you have another installed). Terminal can be found via e.g. Spotlight search or via the Finder menu: Go > Utilities >

Check if you already have brew installed by entering the brew command:

$ brew

If you don't have Homebrew installed, your shell will reply with something like bash: command not found: brew. Otherwise, it will spit out a list of brew commands.

1.2.1 Install Homebrew

To install Homebrew, go to the Homebrew website and follow the install instructions there. You can simply copy the command used for installing Homebrew from their website and paste it into your terminal.

1.2.2 Install minicom

With brew installed, you want to install minicom:

$ brew install minicom 

Homebrew will tell you if you already have minicom installed on your system (e.g. Warning: minicom-2.7 already installed), otherwise it will install it for you.