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Camera specifications, overviews, technical data, case studies, links to sample files and reading on the project's background are listed on the AXIOM Beta Main Page.

Note: VAT (Value Added Tax), customs and import taxes might apply to your order. If you're unsure about calculations please make contact.

When shipping internationally, the used customs declaration HS code is: 85258030 - Digital cameras.

1 AXIOM Beta Developer Kit

ABDK Reverse on f2f2f2.png

This version of the camera is suitable for anyone who’d like to work on development, reconfigure its software and or core components, or build their own enclosures etc...

Developer Kits don’t ship with enclosures and provide easy access to the camera’s printed circuit boards - With this in mind all associated design files, schematics, board layouts, BOMs, CAD models, software source code repositories, etc. are made freely available (see preamble).

AXIOM Beta Developer Kit Package Contents

Ships with:

  • AXIOM Beta Developer Kit
  • Sensor cleaning kit
  • Pack of seven step-up rings
  • Ethernet cable
  • USB cable
  • Micro SD to SD card adapter
  • Power supply
  • Power cable
  • 3D printed lens cap
  • UV-IR-Cut-Off Filter
  • E-mount lens adapter (to Canon or to Nikon)

AXIOM Beta Developer Kit € 3,990.00 (excl. VAT + Shipping)

Purchase a Developer Kit in the web-shop overview page: here

Note: We presently assemble Developer Kits inside a five week period and aim to deliver the camera within six weeks.

2 AXIOM Beta Compact

Under development

The more user-friendly AXIOM Beta CP ships with a CNC-milled aluminium enclosure and is ideally suited to photo and video production environments.

Both versions of the camera boast superb image quality, high frame rates, rich colour science properties, a small, light, form factor, and enable flexible integration and total customisation...

AXIOM Beta Compact € 5,990.00 (excl. VAT + Shipping)

Get notified when Beta Compact becomes available by registering for pre-order notification here

3 Self-build

If you're not afraid to get your hands dirty and want to build an AXIOM Beta Developer Kit yourself then you can download all the design files, BOMs, software source code, etc. and source all the parts yourself. You'll need SMD reflow and THT soldering equipment for the electronics as well as some experience with SMD soldering and a decent amount of time, patience and commitment. Owning a CNC mill and 3D printer for the mechanical parts should make the assembly less expensive.

Here are the essential parts you will need to source yourself (we do not sell these), the prices are estimates by looking at online distributors, etc.:

Item Price (estimate)
AXIOM Beta Image Sensor Board for CMV12000 PCB (OSHPark) € 45.00
AXIOM Beta Beta Image Sensor Board for CMV12000 Components € 110.00
AXIOM Beta Interface Board PCB (OSHPark) € 45.00
AXIOM Beta Interface Board Components € 12.00
Image Sensor ams Sensor Belgium CMV12000

€ 1800.00
Andon Image Sensor Socket € 100.00
AXIOM Beta Main Board PCB (OSHPark) € 90.00
AXIOM Beta Main Board Components € 42.00
AXIOM Beta Power Board PCB (OSHPark) € 86.00
AXIOM Beta Power Board Components € 81.00
AVNet Microzed € 260.00
AXIOM Beta HDMI Plugin Module PCB (OSHPark) € 12.00
AXIOM Beta HDMI Plugin Module Components € 5.00
Skeleton (CNC milled Aluminum Part)

(quoted by for single quantity)

€ 639.50
Misc Optical Parts, DC Supply, Cables, Heatsink, Fan, Nuts,

Bolts, Spacers, 3D printed parts

€ 160.00
Total € 3,487.50

Note: We do a lot of hardware testing for each of the camera's individual boards and with the whole boardstack once assembled. If you choose to build the camera yourself then these procedures will require some specialised appliances and a good deal of care. Putting a very expensive image sensor into untested hardware to just see if it works (or starts smoking) is not recommended.

Resources permitting we'd be happy to support you on your journey.

Disclaimers: The above component prices are correct at time of writing but may fluctuate marginally in accordance with exchange rates or suppliers changing their pricing. We can supply you with all of the camera's individual components but to get an accurate cost estimate you'd need to contact us directly. In the event of use error (mishap attributed to failure on the part of a human operator) or force majeure (mishap that does not involve a human being in the chain of events preceding the event) on self-assembly then apertus° assumes no responsibility or liability.

4 Payment Options

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