1 Overview

Access to the a test camera AXIOM Beta can be performed 24/7. The controlled setup is configured as follows:


2 Connecting to ZBox

The Zbox is a small PC at the AXIOM office that can be accessed remotely by developers and GSoC students to work on AXIOM Beta hardware at the office. There are a few peripheral devices as well.

Address: apertus.org
Username: <user name>@apertus.org
Port: <you-know-the-port>

Access is granted via SSH key only.

3 Anel NET-PwrCtrl Power Switch

The Anel NET-PwrCtrl Power Switch provides power sockets which can be controlled remotely through a web interface. This allows turning on/off the AXIOM Betas in case they hang due to a software error, etc. or to control lights that illuminate the test chart the AXIOM Beta is filming.

Switches for devices connected to the Anel NET-PwrCtrl Power Switch.

Note: Please switch any lighting off after you are done.

3.1 Access

Tunnel the following ports through SSH:

Local 9051 to netctrl1:80
Local 9052 to netctrl2:80


Once the SSH Tunnel has been esatblished you can go to localhost:9050 and localhost:9051 in your browser and should be able to access the ANEL WebGUI.

3.2 Sockets

Socket 1: AXIOM Beta (with image sensor)
Socket 2: AXIOM Beta (without image sensor)
Socket 3: Spot Lamp

Socket 1:
Socket 2: Flourescent Tube Light
Socket 3: DMX LED Strip Controller

Credentials are provided but not listed here.

4 AXIOM Beta (with image sensor)

SSH: ssh root@beta

Copy files from camera to ZBOX: scp <user@host>:<remote path> <local path> -> scp root@beta:/opt/test_snap.jpg ./

5 Webcam

There is a small webcam installed that films the live HDMI output of the AXIOM Beta (with image sensor) and the rest of the remote setup. This webcam is connected to the ZBox and with the Linux software “motion” streams live snapshots to the ZBox localhost:8080. If you want to view the webcam you need to create an SSH tunnel.

Address: localhost:8081


6 DMX Light Control

The ZBox has a 4-channel DMX controller with white LED strips attached, running at 30KHz PWM.

Each channel can be set from 8 (lowest visible value) to 255 (maximum brightness). Values lower than 8 will turn off the LEDs.

Lowest dim level:

ola_set_dmx -u 0 -d 8,8,8,8

Full on:

ola_set_dmx -u 0 -d 255,255,255,255

Full off:

ola_set_dmx -u 0 -d 0,0,0,0


  1. TBD
  2. TBD
  3. TBD
  4. Test strip attached


  Device 10: DMXking.com - ultraDMX Micro, Serial #: 84003036, firmware 1.44
  port 0, IN, priority 100
  port 0, OUT, patched to universe 0

If the output port is not "patched" (whatever that means), run:

ola_patch --patch --device 10 --port 0 --universe 0

AXIOM Beta is a professional digital cinema camera built around FOSS and open hardware licenses.

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