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1 Latest Team Talk - 14.1

2 History

  • Episode 1 - 27.01.15. Crowd funding news and an overview about development status followed by user questions.
  • Episode 2 - 20.03.15. Insight into AXIOM Beta Hardware/Software Development Process, Beta naming scheme, Beta module system, OSH Park, Standby/Power Save Mode, Oscilloscope, FLIR One and Tormach CNC Mill arrived, dead pixels. Chapters and text can be found here
  • Episode 3 - 02.06.15. Early Beta status report. Article.
  • Episode 4 - 19.06.15. NAB 2015, Atum 3D printer repairing, and Behind the Scenes of AXEÖHM Aprils fool video. Article.
  • Episode 5 - 14.06.15. OpenCine beginnings, AXIOM Gamma kickoff meeting impressions, AXIOM Gamma upgrade path news. Article.
  • Episode 6 - 01.09.15. AXIOM Beta I hardware report, AXIOM Gamma and AXIOM Beta relationship clarification, 3 Phase payment concept & bulk accessories purchase explained. Article.
  • Episode 7 - 29.10.15. AXIOM Bridge introduction, AXIOM Ecosystem introduction, IBC 2015 report, and meet the CNC mill. Article.
  • Episode 8 - 03.12.15. AXIOM Beta hardware completed, production starts, and first moving images. Article.
  • Episode 9 - 05.04.16. First Team Talk filmed with the AXIOM Beta and shot in experimental 4K RAW, AXIOM camera comparison, and colour calibration procedures. Article.
  • Episode 10 - 18.10.16. New AXIOM shared office space mini studio, brief project update, and AXIOM Remote and Remote Plus (a Raspberry Pi and Touchscreen based device) progress and developments. Article.
  • Episode 11 - 04.11.16. Enclosures. Article.
  • Episode 12.1 - 28.12.16. Team Talk survey results and Simon Repp talks about Project Elmyra.
  • Episode 12.2 - 22.02.17. Hardware upgrades listed, build timelapse and fixed pattern noise calibration demo. Article.
  • Episode 12.3 - 28.03.17. Sample footage. Article.
  • Episode 13.1 - 18.09.17. SDI Plugin module development and respective grant from German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Maker Fair attendance with SMT workshops and exhibition at Vienna Biennale 2017 at the Museum of Applied Arts. Article.
  • Episode 13.2 - 05.12.17. USB3 plugin module complete, AXIOM Beta naming scheme changes, showcase of AXIOM Beta Extended and AXIOM Recorder, ergonomics workgroup, AXIOM Beta CP Shell, AXIOM Beta Compact project update. Article.
  • Episode 14.1 - 09.07.18. Moving Facilities, Updates and GSoC Projects. Article.
  • Episode 14.2 - 27.07.18. SDI, IMU, Power Board and Enclosure Progress. Article.
  • Episode 14.3 - 18.09.18. Injection Moulding, AXIOM Remote, Social Media and Metal smelting. Article.

AXIOM Beta is a professional digital cinema camera built around FOSS and open hardware licenses.

AXIOM Remote is designed to be a comprehensive remote control unit for the AXIOM Beta range of cameras

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