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00-DS-001- AXIOM Beta Debug Shield V0.1R1.0 Show sm.jpg

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AXIOM Beta features two shield-slots with space for additional connectors going to both east and west sides of the camera. One shield has a slow-speed (200Mb/s) interface and one medium-speed (1Gbit/s) interface connecting to the main processing FPGA. Therefore these shields are perfect for additional future interfaces like: Trigger in/out, Genlock in/out, Timecode in/out, Sync in/out or connecting external sensors or buttons, small LCDs, etc. The name "shields" was inspired by the Arduino plugin boards - also called "shields".

  • Compatible with both East and West shield headers.
  • Via East shield header has four high-speed LVDS pairs (1Gbit/s).
  • Via West shield header has four medium-speed LVDS pairs (200Mb/s+).
  • 20x GPIO bank LED indicators.
  • 2x Power LEDS.
  • AC coupling and biasing via pull-ups and pull-downs.
  • Shields are not hot pluggable.

See Beta Main Board for specifics on how shields are utilised and Camera Structure for an overview on how PCBs are stacked.

ABCS-DS-02a- AXIOM Beta Debug Shield V0.1R1.0 Top Populated sm.jpg

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ABCS-DS-02b- AXIOM Beta Debug Shield V0.1R1.0 Bottom Populated sm.jpg

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