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ABCS-SHDMI-02c AXIOM Beta 1 x HDMI Plugin Module V0.7 R1.0 Top Populated Show sm.jpg

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This plugin module provides one HDMI video output connection that delivers a live video feed from the AXIOM Beta for monitoring or recording. Technically it is able to supply Full HD video at up to 60FPS without limitation on chroma subsampling (up to 1080p60 4:4:4 output) via 4 LVDS channels directly from the FPGA/Zynq on the Microzed (no intermediate HDMI chip is used). AXIOM Beta can accommodate up to two of these plugin modules and supply each with independent video streams.

  • One HDMI output connector
  • Video signal directly generated by Zynq fabric (Xilinx Zynq on Microzed™)
  • Up to Full HD (1080p) resolution
  • Up to 60 FPS
  • Various colour modes possible (RGB, YCrCb, etc.)
  • No limitation on chroma subsampling
  • 3x Data channels and 1x clock channel
  • Total available bandwidth: 1250Mbit/s
  • Custom EDID and metadata possible

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Axiom Beta Plugin Module 1x HDMI v0.8

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