The Carl Zeiss Planar T* 50mm f/1.4 for Yashica/Contax is a true gem as cinema usage photography lenses and is widely available for reasonable prices. Here is a report/guide how to de-click it.

1 Step 1


Remove these three screws. Be careful to use a quality screwdriver (cheaper ones tend to bend and grind off the screw)

2 Step 2


Remove these two screws on the side and take off the part the screws are holding in place. This will allow to take off the ring that was unscrewed in step one to be taken off with a bit of twisting and turning, no force required just the right rotation.

3 Step 3


Remove these 4 screws and take off the part the screws are holding in place.

4 Step 4


This spring is responsible for the clicks pushing a ball towards the outside of the lens (you can see the spring moving when you turn the aperture ring). In my case it was not require to remove the spring or ball, just carefully bending it away from the outer metal part with a small screwdriver to loosen the tension was enough to make the aperture ring move freely without any clicks.

Afterwards put together the lens parts/screws again in reverse order.