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[edit] apertus° Introduction

apertus° is a community designing the architecture surrounding a number of free software and open hardware projects aimed at professional level digital imaging and film making related disciplines.

If you'd like to explore the AXIOM camera's background and how the project got started see AXIOM Project Background


Project history:

[edit] Google Summer of Code Introduction

GSoC listing:

Firstly, please read the Google Summer of Code Student Manual. It contains a lot of helpful information about the program and about participating as a student in Google Summer of Code:

Secondly, please read the Google Summer of Code FAQ. It details specifics about deadlines and how things typically run:

[edit] Projects / Languages / Idea Page

Proposing your own idea to us will tickle our interest much more than helping us with existing tasks.

Our idea page revolves around the following projects:

  • We're building a RAW video footage processing environment called OpenCine - Programming Language: C++. OS should primarily be Linux (Ubuntu and derivatives like LinuxMint) as changes aren't adjusted for Windows straight away. OpenCine.Build Instructions. There is a sub-project called ProcessingTest, which is used for prototyping and testing algorithms, there you can find some de-Bayering tests. We also have custom de-Bayering algorithms selected for GSoC, which can be found in apertus° Lab.
  • We developed hardware with FPGAs for doing real-time video processing (idea page "FPGA" column) - Programming Language: HDL (VHDL or Verilog).
  • Our cameras run embedded Linux and there are some Kernel related development tasks - Programming Language: C.
  • Other tasks are related to creating a camera virtualisation in QUEMU, webinterfaces for camera control, controlling lenses, drawing histograms/waveform/vectorscopes from the cameras live view data or automating the camera internal darkframe calibration. Programming Languages for tools are C/C++, for scripting are Python and Bash and for webbased applications: Javascript, PHP and C/C++. Each task on the idea page contain more details about the desired enironment and programming language.

GsoC Idea Page:

[edit] Misc

Tim Videos has a very good guide for GSoC students - must read:

Our Social accounts

We have a dedicated GSoC mailing list which you can subscribe to here.

If you have any questions most of our live chat takes place in IRC. Alternatively you can email us on

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