• Team Talk 13.2 will be released on Tuesday 5th of December
  • Davidak reported about 34C3 preparations and planned activities
  • We are focusing some attention on PCB cleaning with fixing a first prototype and building another second prototype machine that moves PCBs in a cleaning agent bath.
  • Sebastian made good progress with the full enclosure CAD 3D model and started 3d printing first parts
  • After a long and elaborate debate the "AXIOM Beta Full Enclosure" also called "AXIOM Beta II" was renamed to "AXIOM Beta Compact" and the new upcoming shoulder mount enclosure which was referred to in CAD models as "Big Rig" or "AXIOM Beta III" was renamed to "AXIOM Beta Extended". We will work through the website soon to make these changes wherever we find a mention of an old name. TT13.2 article will announce and explain this to the wider community.

Full log: http://irc.apertus.org/index.php?day=04&month=12&year=2017#50

AXIOM Beta is a professional digital cinema camera built around FOSS and open hardware licenses.

AXIOM Remote is designed to be a comprehensive remote control unit for the AXIOM Beta range of cameras

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