AXIOM Beta/Interface Shield 1

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Feature Wishlist

  • Trigger, Sync, Genlock, Timecode, reference audio
    • 4 input channels and 2 outputs
    • mini jack (with screwthread?) (3-4 poles each)
    • Cat 6 connector (RJ45) to a future proper audio breakout box
    • needs documentation for above SMTPE standards and maybe reference implementations
  • precise RTC with coin battery or alternatively a supercapacitor (should hold time for a few months at least)
  • AXIOM Remote interface (bidirectional SPI) (optional power?) -> connector?
  • Lens Control Interface (internal via ZIF flex cable?) -> solder on area on Beta Main board
  • photo diode to capture flicker frequency behaviour of lights
  • User Interfaces:
    • menu/back button
    • ALPS SRBE210200 rotary + push switch