With the USB 3.0 plugin module any computer with USB 3.0 connectivity can be used as an AXIOM Recorder. This will allow us to define format/container/metadata/etc. of uncompressed raw 4k footage for the first time.

USB3.0 PCB Top populated

One AXIOM Beta USB 3.0 plugin module provides users with around 400MB/S bandwidth (3.2Gbit/s) and, in theory, this can be doubled by utilising two of the Beta's module slots. If everything works as intended this will allow for the recording of uncompressed 4K raw data, plus metadata, directly from the Beta in any frame-rate that available bandwidth can handle.

1 Development Notes

Development Status: PCB has been populated. Software in development.

The USB3 interface chip is an FTDI FT601 (https://www.ftdichip.com/Products/ICs/FT600.html) and acts as a multi channel 32-bit FIFO interface.

FTDI works out of the box and can be programmed/configured via USB if necessary.

The Lattice FPGA needs to be programmed through the Beta - the JTAG interface (as well as control signals) of the Lattice FPGA on the USB3 plugin are connected to the IO pins of the plugin module slot.

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