4K HDMI Plugin Module

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The development of this plugin module has been put on hold as we see more potential in the 1x USB 3.0 Plugin Module.

Original Development Notes

plugin module length will likely be 35mm/1400mil - longer than current modules.

Xilinx Artix XC7A15T-2FGG484(1mm pitch, 23x23mm size, from $44.59 on octopart) from digikey or Avnet or XC7A15T-2CSG325(0.8mm pitch, 15x15mm size, from $38.76 on octopart) from Avnet both with 4x 6.6GTX

XC7A15T-1FGG484 (from $38.43 on octopart) or XC7A15T-1CSG325 (from $33.75 on octopart) would be the equivilants with 4x 3.3GTX