1 Different Temperature Sensors

The AXIOM Beta hardware contains several temperature sensors (some dedicated sensors some integrated in other chips) the different chips and components are also operating at different temperature ranges. The Zynq for example has a rather hot operation range but the image sensor is meant to be as cold as possible meaning just a few degrees above room temperature. This page is a collection of information related to reading the different temperatures throughout the hardware.

1.1 MicroZed™ Zynq 7020

The Zynq 7020 has a maximum operating temperature of 85°C and has a special heat sink attached.

The temperature can be read with the axiom-zynq-info.sh script (AXIOM Beta Firmware Version 2.0) which contains the following code lines:

ZTO=`cat /sys/devices/soc0/amba/*.adc/iio*/in_temp0_offset` 
ZTR=`cat /sys/devices/soc0/amba/*.adc/iio*/in_temp0_raw` 
ZTS=`cat /sys/devices/soc0/amba/*.adc/iio*/in_temp0_scale` 

ZT=`dc -e "5k $ZTR ${ZTO/-/_} + $ZTS * 1000 / p"`

printf "%-14.14s\t%8.4f °C\n" "Temp" $ZT

1.2 Power Board

The AXIOM Beta Power Board contains a dedicated LM75 digital thermometer (datasheet) which can be read with the following command:

cat /sys/class/hwmon/hwmon0/temp1_input 

The output divided by 1000 is provided in °C.