1 Prepare Micro SD Card

  1. Acquire the latest automatically built firmware image:
  2. download, install and start Ether: https://www.balena.io/etcher/
  3. Flash the acquired image to the Micro SD card with Etcher
  4. Put the Micro SD card into the AXIOM Beta Microzed Slot and power up the Beta

2 Notes

This new firmware is still in development so expect issues and bugs. This is the list of current issues/bugs: https://github.com/apertus-open-source-cinema/axiom-beta-firmware/issues

If you find a new bug (please validate its not reported as issue already first) please add it as github issue.

  • default user is now “operator” with pw: “axiom”
  • sudo is required to change system/camera settings as no password
  • Image build log is located in each image under: /var/build.log
  • devicetree is in: /boot/devicetree.dts
  • axiom-file-check.sh does an integrity check of /usr, /etc and /opt
  • binaries are linked in: /usr/axiom/bin
  • scripts are linked in: /usr/axiom/script
  • /opt/axiom-firmware contains scripts and binaries
  • every beta currently has the same MAC address - a random one should be generated on the first boot.