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==Bill Of Materials==
==Bill Of Materials==


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1 Files



2 Bill Of Materials

Part    Value        Device          Package           Description 
C1                   C0402-B         0402-B                        
C2                   C0805-B         0805-B                        
C3                   C0805-B         0805-B                        
C4                   C0805-B         0805-B                        
C5                   C0805-B         0805-B                        
C6                   C0805-B         0805-B                        
C7                   C0805-B         0805-B                        
C8                   C0805-B         0805-B                        
C9                   C0805-B         0805-B                        
NE                   PINHD-1X02_2.54 1X02              PIN HEADER  
NW                   PINHD-1X02_2.54 1X02              PIN HEADER  
R1                   R0402-B         0402-B                        
R2                   R0402-B         0402-B                        
SE                   PINHD-1X02_2.54 1X02              PIN HEADER  
SW                   PINHD-1X02_2.54 1X02              PIN HEADER  
U1      BR24G04NUX   BR24G04NUX      DFN200X300X100-9N             
X-EAST  FX10-100/10P FX10-100/10P    FX10A-100P/10                 
X-NORTH FX10-144S    FX10-144S       FX10A-144S                    
X-SOUTH FX10-144S    FX10-144S       FX10A-144S                    
X-WEST  FX10-100/10P FX10-100/10P    FX10A-100P/10