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1 UART Connection

Any UART to USB adapter should work. We use an FT4232H adapter that is available from distributors for around 28€. You require a USB-A to USB-Mini-B cable to connect the FT4232H to your computer and 3 dupont cables to connect the FT4232H to the AXIOM Remote.

1.1 FT4232H Pinout

FT4232H.jpg FT4232H-pinout.jpg

Chip Datasheet:

Mini Module Datasheet:

1.2 FT4232H Wiring UART

FT4232H features 4 UART ports, in this example we utilize port C, there you have pin C0 as TXD, C1 is RXD and GND. Note that the Transmit (TXD) and Receive (RCD) lines need to be cross wired meaning TXD needs to be connected to RXD and RXD to TXD. You can choose any GND pin though.

Axiom-remote-uart-pins.jpg FT4232H-pinout-uart-portc.jpg

Under Linux the FT4232H should simply show up as ports /dev/ttyUSB0 to /dev/ttyUSB3 where Port C from the above example would correspond to /dev/ttyUSB2.

2 JTAG Connection

Jtag.png FT4232H-jtag.jpg FT4232H-jtag-pinout.jpg