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This plugin module provides one HDMI video output connection that delivers a live video feed from the AXIOM Beta for monitoring or recording. Technically it is able to supply a FullHD video at up to 60FPS without limitation on chroma subsampling (up to 1080p60 4:4:4 output) via 4 LVDS channels directly from the FPGA/Zynq on the Microzed (no intermediate HDMI chip is used). AXIOM Beta can accommodate up to two of these plugin modules and supply each with independent video streams.

  • One HDMI output connector.
  • Video signal directly generated by Zynq fabric (Xilinx Zynq on Microzed™).
  • Up to Full HD (1080p) resolution.
  • Up to 60 FPS.
  • Various colour modes possible (RGB, YCrCb, etc.).
  • No limitation on chroma subsampling.
  • 3x Data channels and 1x clock channel.
  • Total available bandwidth: 1250Mb/s.
  • Custom EDID and metadata possible.

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1 Current Revision

Axiom Beta Plugin Module 1x HDMI v0.8

2 Revision Archive

Axiom Beta Plugin Module 1x HDMI v0.6

Axiom Beta Plugin Module 1x HDMI v0.5

Axiom Beta Plugin Module 1x HDMI v0.4

Axiom Beta Plugin Module 1x HDMI v0.2