1 Installation

Actually Chronomotion does not need to be "installed". Just downloading and putting the right files together is enough.

1.1 Requirements

  1. You need to have JAVA installed. Download
  2. Download the right Chronomotion build for your platform: Download
  3. Download the rxtx library and put the matching file for your operating system it into the same folder as Chronomotion.
  4. Start Chronomotion via commandline/terminal/console

2 Troubleshooting

To see error messages and reports of what is missing/not working be sure to run the software from commandline/terminal/console rather than just double clicking on it.

3 Windows

3.1 Windows 64Bit

rxtx library by default has no Windows 64Bit dlls.

But there are people providing these on their own website, like: http://www.cloudhopper.com/opensource/rxtx/

Just put the dlls into the same directory as your Chronomotion files.

4 Linux


5 Mac