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1 Shot on AXIOM V0.18

Animation screen shot:

AXIOM Colophon 02.png

End screen:

AXIOM Colophon 03.png

  • Container: Quicktime
  • Codec: ProRes
  • Duration: 12 seconds
  • Audio: Stereo
  • Author: intrac/PaulR

There are currently three 16x9 1080p25 versions of this particular colophon:

1.1 scope letterbox

2.39:1 letterbox version

1.2 16x9 full frame

Slightly less width but more height compared to the scope version and a lower positioned URL to stay near the bottom of the frame.

1.3 16x9 open matte

  • The same as the 2.39:1 version but without the letterbox bars.
  • Shouldn't be used with regular 16x9 content.
  • Intended for content framed for 2.39:1 but still delivering a 16:9 master (to be cropped later).


1.4 Credits

Animation by intrac/PaulR

Soundtrack by Behnam Moghaddam (


Transparent PSD File Download: