Depth Sensing

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Using Light Detection and Ranging (LiDar) or Time of Flight (ToF) sensors. We want to see what solutions there are already for full 3D scanning (not just distance sensing or a 2D 360° scan)

1 Modules

TFMini - Micro LiDAR Module (Qwiic)
Single pixel, Resolution: 1cm, Maximum Reads Per Second: 100, Minimum Detected Object Size at 2m: 20mm, 45$

320x240, up to 10m, Distance & confidence data at max 120 FPS, 380$

Terabee 3Dcam 80x60
80x60 pixels, 250€ +VAT

TeraRanger Evo 64px
8x8 pixels, 124€ + VAT

Pieye Nimbus 3D
Resolution: 352 x 288, Measurement range: 0,1 m – 5 m, Imager: Infineon REAL3 IRS1125A, open source software, requires raspberry pi, 229€

640 × 480 pixels, 30fps, Distance sensing range: up to 3m, 350.00 $

2 Sensor Modules

Infineon IRS2381C,