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1 Horizon 2020 Experts

Just for notice these Information's aren't 100% Complete. I haven't got a document, it's just what i have heard from a expert speech. #Francis

1.1 Who are the Experts?

The Experts are from University's, Company's and Individual Specialist. They don't work for the EU nor it's there day job to study Proposals.

1.2 How experts select a proposal

The EU has a huge pool of some 1000 experts. When a funding call ends only the experts matching the topic of the call will be asked to participate. Each Expert is contacted and can decide if he/she wants to review applications for this call or not.

First applications go through a review by the EU Funding Division then the applications will be split up between registered experts. That will take approx. 1-2 weeks.

1.3 How Experts evaluate Proposals

Experts will receive all proposals they agreed to review via email.

The Proposal is split in two parts. Part one is about the budget for the project and part two is about the project itself. The expert only really needs the second part of the proposal, the budget is not important for the rating.

The expert will read all the proposals rate each one with a Evaluation Form. The Evaluation Form can be downloaded here: Evaluation Form

INFORMATION: The Expert must be neutral to each proposal when he sees a conflict he has to report it to the EU. There are some rules to solve this problem.

1.4 Expert Meeting

Every Proposal has 3 Experts, sometimes with 1 First Grade Expert and 2 Second Grade Experts. (It's depending on the Proposal)

All Experts will fly to Brussels and in a Building whit hundreds of small rooms they will discuss every Proposal.

In this meeting they will discuss what the like what there view is or what they don't like. The Ideal case is when all Experts have the same judgment about the Proposal and they have the same Results. worst case they can't find a solution or something else is wrong.... they have to report it to the EU. they will select a new Expert to read the Proposal and which gives a Objective view(that takes <24h). A new meeting will be held with the new Expert, when then there is no solution in worst case the Proposal will be rejected.

In this stage the Proposal will have a Final Points from 1-15 (15 Points are the Highest).

When all Proposals have been rated there will be a list for each call. before that expert didn't know how many Proposals where there for that Call nor who are the other Experts.

1.5 Funded Proposals

now it's depends on the budget of each Proposal and some EU Internal Controlling.