IRC Team Meeting 2016-12-19

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Full meeting log:

1) IRC Meeting meta topic

- Feedback about the IRC meeting (also regarding the date - for people who currently can't attend) can be contributed at

2) Reports

- Bertl is working on lots and lots and lots of things, hardware and software and the nitty gritty technical bits (see for the impressive detailed list), top priority is on testing sensor frontends though.

- max_bxl reports on multiple collaboration opportunities being pursued, two at Louis-Lumière school (picture pipeline research, adapting sensors for lenses) and one with french video artist Jacques Perconte (

Also they started bi-weekly "apertus° Info & Research Lab brussels" meetings in order to build a community and mix tech and cinema people, and will host an "Open Kino" festival in April 2017, where they will make movies with only FLOSS tools in 72 hours!

- davidak is working on content structure of new website with RexOrCine, Alex_Chooks and se6astian, organization is already really clear and they're working on details now, they also want to setup a new forum for users and participants - RexOrCine is investigaing options so the team can make an educated decision. Sebastian Gilits is working on the CMS (Drupal 8) and templates.

- simonrepp has wrapped elmyra in an electron application so people can just "download & run the exe" now, see Interview and screencast about elmyra should go out with the next team talk, will see what feedback this triggers.

Also he's researching on visualizing the Beta in Unreal Engine 4 (Sneak Peek:, but currently going back one step to improve the actual source material by converting EAGLE PCB designs (*.brd) into 3D models using