IRC Team Meeting 2017-05-8

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  1. GSoC2017 3 students introduction
  2. report about flyers we had printed and arrived damaged -> asked for a refund
  3. we are looking for CAD engineer, enclosure designer, industrial designer as the person working on the AXIOM Beta enclosure designs had to quit unfortunately
  4. new website theme ( screendesigns: - wip website:
  5. Bertl reported about the recent events and workshops apertus/AXIOM held at Make Munich and Linuxwochen Wien

derWalter is organizing a local Vienna Team and Community meet up and is advancing with his search for a date/time Please attend in the lab at And put the best week and day you can imagine in the doodle:

  1. Malte reported about the organized by apertus during the - next edition for 2018 has film submissions open since today
  2. Champika shared his research and progress with his GSoC task
  3. A remote access AXIOM Beta has been installed for developers
  4. next upcoming events: Maker Faire Vienna (May 20/21), Maker Faire Berlin(June 10/11)

Next meeting: May 22nd 17:00 UTC, 19:00 CEST

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