IRC Team Meeting 2017-09-11

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  • Bertl reported on the end of the last Google Summer of Code period and completed evaluations, projects have been uploaded and archived, we will see that we can integrate the results in the near future
  • Bertl reported on results evaluating DDR bandwidths in the MicroZed using latest Vivado tool chain with HLx, detailed results will be released soon, we can already see now though that we can get up to 28Gigabit throughput (accounting for overhead), which has to be divided between reads and writes
  • Team Talk 13.1 almost ready for release
  • Update from Felix working on the AXIOM Beta SDI module, grant period has started in september, mainly infrastructure, setup work and reading up on standards and frameworks so far.
  • Sebastian spent quite some time on pick and place software improvements and designing and 3d printing accessory parts for the pick and place machines
  • Rex reported on ABM (AXIOM Beta Manual/User Guide) for the developer kit in LaTex:
  • Intracube reported on progress of the AXIOM logo / "shot on" colophon animation:

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