IRC Team Meeting 2017-09-25

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  • Bertl reported about PIC chip shortage and testing replacements soon, other test hardware for Sensor Front Ends is pending the PICs currently
  • Trimmers used on the Beta Powerboard are discontinued and we will soon run out of stock, currently searching for replacement -> powerboard redesign
  • The integrating sphere has been outfitted with lighting electronics that can optionally also be controlled from inside the Beta software -> lots of snapshots for image sensor characterization are already being made
  • Maxime reported about meeting with Pierre Prégardien who is planning to make a feature film just with open source tools and the AXIOM Beta, shooting is scheduled to start in 18 months, maybe two years, until then the goal is to find people to work with and gather a team to develop everything that is need for the movie.
  • Our DIY Integrating Sphere is operational we are in the process of evaluating several hardware changes on the sensor front end hardware and the resulting changes in image noise profiles.
  • Powerboard is in the planning phase of a redesign - currently collecting wishes and change requests, will release on wiki soon.
  • We got 2 HP proliant servers donated (16GB RAM each - Dual Intel Xeon Quad Core CPUs - no HDDs yet) - ideas for how and where to utilize them welcome

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