IRC Team Meeting 2017-11-06

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  • Team Talk 13.2 is still in the works
  • IRC user davidak visited us in Vienna last week, we worked on code, shot some video and photos with the beta and created ergonomics evaluation models together, Sebastian will start editing the footage and images to make a website article soon.
  • We are looking for feedback for the almost finished "shot on AXIOM" logo animation and soundtrack:
  • We ordered some new boards, like the new powerboard (Bertl finalized the new power board design - we found three bugs :) - and created a bunch of test boards to simplify testing the individual parts and features). We expect to receive them next week (also includes a test board for PCIe but that's considered a long shot.).
  • Two new Beta Dev Kits will be shipped on Tuesday.
  • Bertl finished the design for the very first inertial measurement unit (IMU) center solder on (Beta CSO) module which is designed as 10DOF (degrees of freedom) sensor, well actually 11, because in addition to acceleration (3), orientation (3), magnetic field (3) and pressure (1) it also measure temperature, primarily for internal compensation.
  • hardware development focus has now shifted to sensor frontend (SFE) testing and potential improvements in regard to the new power board.
  • Some major wiki restructuring/refining mainly as an AXIOM Beta central page here - and the Hardware and Software pages were properly organized into a Wiki based Manual here - which progressed to Project Background being refined -

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