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==Assoiated Projects==
===Numato Opsis===
===Numato Opsis===

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1 Assoiated Projects

1.1 Numato Opsis

A friend of ours is looking for someone with CAD prowess to put together a 3D printable design for the Opsis board case.

Tim Ansell has done much good work in the community - so far this year he's been instrumental in apertus° gaining GSoC acknowledgement and the logistics behind the AXIOM Beta SDI Plugin Module, development on which is now underway. Some bio reading here

The Numato Opsis board is a Mini-ITX standard, FPGA-based open source, open hardware video platform for videographers and visual artists, typically geared towards conference capturing solutions and FPGA-based video research. It’s an interesting project and if you’re skilled in CAD it would be worthwhile assisting.

3D printable "face plates" have been done so far but they’re not final.