Online 3D Viewer Evaluation

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We want to get an overview what websites are there to show/share 3D models online. Basically like a youtube for 3D models :)

supports "exploding" of assemblies with a slider - very handy to show assembly of several parts - does not support shadows so general display quality is not spectacular - support IGS, and a few other formats

supports textures and more complex shaders - rather flexible with material setup - no shadows - supports only OBJ format

material and scene settings similarly featurerich as but messes up smoothing groups as OBJ import

Did not work with iges file upload. viewer looks rather unpolished. worked in Chrome - imported geometry is faulty.

Can't even show solid models, only wireframe...

Seems to be optimized for minecraft - model was blocky after import :) <- Tool of choice for now

allows cross section cutting, exploding of parts and shows assembly tree where individual parts can be hiddedn - free limited account - supports lots of file formats, STEP seems to work best