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1 Feature status / Roadmap

1.1 General

Feature Status Comment
Mode switching (Manage, Process, Export) No
Layout for "Manage" No
Layout for "Process" No
Layout for "Export" No

1.2 OCBackup

Feature Status Comment
Sequential backup WIP
Parallel backup WIP
Preview thumbnail Yes
MLV support WIP only first frame currently

1.3 MediaExplorer

Feature Status Comment
Loading clips WIP Only DNG folder is supported atm
Rating clips WIP Rating control available, lacks storing
Show clip information WIP Only resolution is set right atm
Preview thumbnail No
Clip settings dialog No e.g. FPS setting for clips from plain DNG folder

1.4 Playback

Feature Status Comment
OpenGL playback WIP rudimentary
Zooming No
Playback slider WIP Setting frame manuallly missing atm
Playback buttons WIP Play and Stop implemented
"Cached frames" bar No

1.5 Preview

Feature Status Comment
RGB channel switch WIP

1.6 Processing pipeline

Feature Status Comment
OpenCL No
OpenFX / TuttleOFX No

1.7 Import / Export

Feature Status Comment
LibRaw WIP Only DNG folder is supported atm
Export No
Storing metadata No

1.8 Development

1.9 General

Feature Status Comment
Loose coupling between data provider and storage WIP