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The parts listed in this archive are applicable to the following devices:

00-ABExp-001 AXIOM Beta in AXIOM Shell Exploded V5.jpg

3.1 Background

It became necessary to create a system that allows identifying each part in AXIOM devices with a unique identification code for assembly drawings/instructions, inventory keeping, spare part ordering/sales, and the billing of custom orders.

The system was designed to be:

  • Human friendly (readable).
  • Machine friendly (possibility to draw the code in a barcode/QR code).
  • Flexible in the sense that it can be extended in the future with new categories/parts that are not yet known.
  • Fool proof and easy to read (not contain both O-letters and 0-zero numbers that are hard to differentiate - same with 1,7, l, I, etc.).
  • Time saving to work with (codes shouldn't be too long).
  • All parts identification codes should be the same or very similar length.

3.2 Format

AXIOM Part Naming Scheme.jpg


3.3 Part Codes

  • 00-SB-001-0V16-1R2c
  • 00-SB-002-0V16-1R3c
  • 00-SB-003-1V2-1R2
  • 00-SiB-001-0V12-1R0
  • 00-DS-001-0V1-1R0
  • 00-MB-001-0V36-1R2
  • 00-CSO-001-
  • 00-PB-001-0V29
  • 00-PB-002-0V33
  • 00-PB-003-0V35
  • 00-SPMOD-001-0V1-1R0
  • 00-SPMOD-002-0V1-1R1
  • 00-TPMOD-001-1V2-1R0
  • 00-TPMOD-002-1V2-1R1
  • 00-SHDMI-001-0V2
  • 00-SHDMI-002-0V4
  • 00-SHDMI-003-0V5
  • 00-SHDMI-004-0V6
  • 00-SHDMI-005-0V8-1R2
  • 00-PMODD-001-1V0